Roast chicken and other stories

One of my favourite cookbooks is by Simon Hopkinson, called the “Roast Chicken And Other Stories”. The book goes by chapters of different food items – asparagus, cream, eggs, spinach, and, of course, chicken. Each chapter contains a short story of his first memory of the ingredient and he gives out simple recipes that make… Continue reading Roast chicken and other stories

A ramble for ramson

As I have two weeks of vacation, I have a bit more time to myself. I wanted to go hiking this Saturday. As it is spring and there are lots of edible things appearing in the wild, I decided for a spot which has swampy areas, where the chance of finding wild garlic would be high.… Continue reading A ramble for ramson

Scallops/Salmon. Cooked/Raw.

This morning was one of the first long, free mornings I have had since school started. The kind of morning where you really have time to make a dish and photograph it before the sun sets. It is not so much fun to keep a food blog in the winter-time – you really have to… Continue reading Scallops/Salmon. Cooked/Raw.

Kookeet 2017, a food festival in Bruges

Previous Monday, on 25th of September, I ended up visiting a food festival in Bruges, Belgium, named Kookeet. I only heard about it on Sunday for the first time so there was not much to think about. So after my first day at school on Monday (I went to further study at university and actually… Continue reading Kookeet 2017, a food festival in Bruges