Autumn indulgence

I know I have not posted for more than two months. And there is always a good reason. I went to Estonia for two weeks at the end of July. When I came back, I noticed my camera was not working as good as before, out of the blue. In addition, every photo contains a speck of dust on the left side that you can notice on these photos and probably upcoming ones too.


Then some keys on my computer keyboard stopped to work, like the letter l, apostrophe, page down etc. I am copy-pasting right now the l-s in this post. Other things also went the wrong way and I did not cook as much as I used to in the last two months.

But then this Sunday I went to forage for mushrooms. This was my second year in Belgium with no success whatsoever in finding edible mushrooms and this is truly my favourite activity during autumn. I was even thinking if this will be the case I might just have to move back to Estonia. I can’t live like that.


So what would any person obsessed with shrooming do? I went on Instagram and used #paddestoelen, which is mushrooms in Dutch. I saw some mushrooms that I loved, and I saw some people who do not care for mushrooms tagged their location. So like any normal person I just drove to that location and it was a massive success. I found 8 parasol mushrooms which are legit meat substitution for schnitzel, about 20 king bolete (other names include porcini, ceps) and a couple of chanterelles. The parasol mushrooms were eaten as schnitzel yesterday with a shot of vodka, and for today I made a superb elegant autumn dish of velvety potato purée, onsen tamago or sous-vide egg and porcinis fried in butter. It was rich and umami and wonderful and everything that an autumn indulgence should consist of – countless calories and elevating tastes.


For the potato puree I took 3 medium potatoes, boiled until fork-tender. I used about 50 g of butter (countless calouries) and 125 ml of double cream. I also grated about 20 g of Old Amsterdam cheese. Mashed it to a creamy consistency. For the onsen tamago egg I set my immersion circulator on 76.5 and took room temperature eggs (20C) and added them to the pot for exactly 12 minutes which yielded the best result. I cut the porcinis about 3 mm and fried them until nicely caramelized in liberal amount of butter.

With a glass of cava it served it’s rainy day purpose – I will power through, regardless.



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