Scallops/Salmon. Cooked/Raw.


This morning was one of the first long, free mornings I have had since school started. The kind of morning where you really have time to make a dish and photograph it before the sun sets. It is not so much fun to keep a food blog in the winter-time – you really have to cook big for lunch to catch the good light, and I prefer to do so for dinner. Today I had both time and items that really needed using up. It’s even more amusing that the three items quickly made up a no-brainer dish. The products were: scallops, a piece of chorizo, and head of cauliflower. So I made cauliflower purée on top of which sat a rather sizeable scallop, with addition of chorizo oil and crispy pieces of chorizo itself.

IMG_4512.jpgLove the colour of the chorizo oil.

The cauliflower purée is made by taking one onion and garlic – fry in oil and butter until translucent, add pieces of cauliflower and 250 ml of chicken stock. Reduce until cauliflower is cooked and add a splash of cream too. Use a blender to make a smooth purée (I did it for approx. 5 minutes and still didn’t get the desired consistency, but 10 minutes/a very good blender should do it). Chorizo oil and crisps – sliced chorizo  in oven, 180C for 10 minutes, drain oil, again oven for 8 minutes – blender. Scallops – fry on high heat until nicely caramelized and still rare inside, about 2 minutes each side.

Going along the pescetarian line, another good yet very simple dish I made couple of nights ago for a Russian vodka night: vodka-infused salmon tartare with avocado cream and black bread crisps:IMG_4504.jpg

You take a piece of salmon (200g) and sprinkle it with a bit of salt and a shot of vodka, let sit for half an hour. Chop into fine cubes with addition of shallot. Avocado puree is done by blending avocado with a tablespoon of good quality mayonnaise and a bit of lemon juice. Garnished with dill (how else) and black bread crisps.

Obligatory to be consumed with a cold vodka shot.IMG_4507.jpg


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