Catch of the day

Saturday to me is that type of a day which I truly try to dedicate to doing things that I love doing. So no school (although I must admit this is fairly difficult), no cleaning, no appointments and obligations. I need it in order to stay sane. Or saneish.

As I had reached the first milestone of coming up with legal issues dealing with environmental law for my legal clinic yesterday, today had to contain some rewards.


And as I have a something similar to a food blog, it is unnecessary to say I enjoy cooking and eating. In order to minimize the chances of disappointment of eating out, matters must be taken into my own hands. And Saturday is really a day where I put extra thought and effort into coming up with something ambrosial. I went to the market and bought seabass. And at home I had brown shrimps (a traditional Belgian ingredient). The result:


Pan-fried seabass (crispy skin) with beurre blanc sauce with capers and brown shrimps. Hit the spot.


To demonstrate just how crispy the skin was.


Normally a similar dish is done in Belgium with Dover sole, a truly exquisite fish. And normally it should be available year round, however the only ‘off’ season is considered to be during March and April. Therefore, I settled with seabass. The fillet weighed around 125 grams and I panfried it on medium-high heat, skin side down, until it was cooked through. To secure the probability of crispy skin, dry it well & salt it. It took me about 6 minutes until fish was done.

For the beurre blanc sauce, I used the leftovers of cava, about 100 ml of, and reduced it with tarragon and shallot to about two big spoonfuls. I then added cubes of very cold butter two by two to emulsify the reduction.  Then add capers. The intense yellow colour of the sauce is due to the fact that I use Kerrygold butter, which is really… well, buttery and yellow. Truly a favourite.

I heated the brown shrimps on a separate pan with more butter without adding them to the sauce, thinking the sauce might hinder the taste. Then plate the fish, skin side down (otherwise the sauce will have an impact on the crispy skin), scatter the shrimps, and finish everything off with beurre blanc. A twist of pepper, finely chopped parsley and lemon zest. You’re done.


Don’t forget the cava, and think what you have done right in your life.

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