Scallops/Salmon. Cooked/Raw.

This morning was one of the first long, free mornings I have had since school started. The kind of morning where you really have time to make a dish and photograph it before the sun sets. It is not so much fun to keep a food blog in the winter-time – you really have to… Continue reading Scallops/Salmon. Cooked/Raw.

Kookeet 2017, a food festival in Bruges

Previous Monday, on 25th of September, I ended up visiting a food festival in Bruges, Belgium, named Kookeet. I only heard about it on Sunday for the first time so there was not much to think about. So after my first day at school on Monday (I went to further study at university and actually… Continue reading Kookeet 2017, a food festival in Bruges

What the nature gave me & Russian Julienne

Since discovering that one magical place where I could find all my favourite mushrooms, I have been back couple of times. Now on my hand I had about 30 king bolete mushrooms, also known as Penny Bun, cep or porcini. What a joy is to find them like this. Then I also found red-capped scaber stalk,… Continue reading What the nature gave me & Russian Julienne

Russian fried meat pies – Чебуреки

I have never made them before. I have made pelmeni or Russian meat dumplings many, many times, but never the chebureki. But I have recently had a lot of discussion regarding Russian food and chebureki is something that I always speak about. My mother made them at least once a month and we used to… Continue reading Russian fried meat pies – Чебуреки