Scallops/Salmon. Cooked/Raw.

This morning was one of the first long, free mornings I have had since school started. The kind of morning where you really have time to make a dish and photograph it before the sun sets. It is not so much fun to keep a food blog in the winter-time – you really have to… Continue reading Scallops/Salmon. Cooked/Raw.

What the nature gave me & Russian Julienne

Since discovering that one magical place where I could find all my favourite mushrooms, I have been back couple of times. Now on my hand I had about 30 king bolete mushrooms, also known as Penny Bun, cep or porcini. What a joy is to find them like this. Then I also found red-capped scaber stalk,… Continue reading What the nature gave me & Russian Julienne

Russian fried meat pies – Чебуреки

I have never made them before. I have made pelmeni or Russian meat dumplings many, many times, but never the chebureki. But I have recently had a lot of discussion regarding Russian food and chebureki is something that I always speak about. My mother made them at least once a month and we used to… Continue reading Russian fried meat pies – Чебуреки

Russian Fish Soup – Уха

When I was buying the main ingredients for the soup I was actually torn between making bouillabaisse or Flemish waterzooi. Then day later I decided as it is summer and I have cooked the other two fish stews in the last six months, it would be nice to go back to my roots. Aside from… Continue reading Russian Fish Soup – Уха